Gandhi is located in Phahurat, the oldest textile market in Bangkok, and has been established for over six decades now.

We first opened our retail outlet in 1944 in the heart of the bustling fabric center. An initial partnership between the founder Hari Sewak Tewari and his good friend. After his friend moved back to his homeland Hari Sewak bought his stake in the venture and consolidated both the adjacent shop houses.

These wooden shop houses often at the constant mercy of unexplained fires, were finally galvanized by one such disaster in 1958, which took down the entire neighborhood of fabric shops. It was rebuilt into sturdy looking cement blocks of shop houses after two years under commission from the Royal Crown Property.

We now stand with three showrooms located within two minutes walking distance from each other with distinct product variety and choices at reasonable prices available to the maximum target customers at Phahurat the epicenter of fabric business in Bangkok.

From the very beginning our endeavor had always been to provide our customers with best quality fabrics that could be available. We have always catered to the latest in fashion trends throughout the decades. We have always kept our standards high.

Our products cover a wide range, from laces and rich embroideries to silks and chiffons. We have crepes, satins, taffetas, jacquards, linens, cottons and much more. Our products are suited for evening gowns, cocktail dresses, wedding dresses and other casual day-wear for women.

Our customers vary ranging from dressmakers to designers to individual fabric enthusiasts.

We have managed to keep our customers loyal to us. That speaks of our emphasis on good service and customer satisfaction. We go to lengths to see that we provide the very best our customers want, and more.